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Thank YOU all for all of the concern regarding the closing of LoCATion Cats & Snacks it is so nice that everyone would like to help but please understand that we are not closing due to anything more than LIFE!

LoCATion is not closing because of more volunteers needed nor that it needed to be run by volunteers (I believe you have to have skin in the game to care about the minor details and as we have found out, this business was ALL about the small details), not because the rent as too high (rent at Pavillion is very comparable and CBL was absolutely wonderful to do business with), not because of the concept, not because of the lack of business and definitely not because we didn't like doing it anymore (110 kitty, 1 yr & older, adoptions in 7 months isn't too shabby).

The reason we closed is because life threw us a curve ball, then another and as we compensated for those life threw us a few more.  As we caught each curve ball different decisions needed to be made and at this time we had to make a very tough decision that not only affected our family but a bunch of wonderful kitties, Halifax Humane Society, CBL Properties SugarBelle's, Brown Bag Popcorn Company, Mochi Doki, Pet Cube, and our loving community of Port Orange!

We apologize to all for closing so quickly but sometimes for the sake of family & sanity tough decisions need to be made and apologies need to follow. 

We sure have enjoyed the time that we were in business and we are so glad to have met so many in our community and made so many precious furrever families!

We hope this clears up a few thing and we appreciate the outpouring of support.

Thanks you for your support!




 Cat  automat





Cats, SNacks




LoCATion is purrsitioned in "The Pavilion at Port Orange" just look for the "MEOW" in the window.  This is the purrfect place for feline fun while noshing on a snack or three!  

LoCATion opened July 15th, 2017!   LoCATion is the first Cat Automat in all of the United States! We have partnered with the Halifax Humane Society to bring you the most amazing kitties. It's up to you to choose whether to share a moment or a lifetime with them.  Who are we kitten the cats decide who goes home with who.

LoCATion has brought this pawsome place to our favorite city of Port Orange knowing these locals have what it takes to make all of our 15+ kitties feel right at home!  Come take a load off, have a snack, and let our cats take your mind off of the world.  It's impawsible to say no to our cute cats.  

LoCATion's interior is not only home to our free roaming felines it is a mid-century modern getaway, built by RNB Remodeling, to just hang out and indulge on some of our exclusive treats from our high-end vending (hence Automat).  LoCATion is proud to announce EXCLUSIVE decadent desserts by SugarBelle's Bakery and addictive gourmet popcorn by BrownBag Popcorn Co and amazing frozen Mochi by Mochi Doki.  We have free wi-fi and plenty of room to roam or practice your feline fabulousness while the cats judge! Much THANKS to all of our families and friends who are family, for all of you ideas, help and support! Now go and have a purrrfect day!





5513 S. Williamson Blvd. #211
"The Pavilion at Port Orange"
Port Orange, FL 32128






Visitors will pay an hourly cover charge ($5.00 per person) and must sign a waiver before entering.

Delicious baked items, snacks and drinks are located within our automat.

LoCATion is a satellite adoption facility for the Halifax Humane Society.  That way when you make a purrrsonal connection with one of these wonderful cats we are able to process the adoption and you can walk out with your new furever friend.



location's PurRRSonnel 

In the begining we thought we could supply you with current photos of our adorable purrrsonnel on this site but as luck would have it our adoptions and additions have become so frequent it is hard to keep up.  Although we have discontinued our purrrsonnel page we are current on Facebook where we can update and post much quicker.  If you head on over to our Facebook page "LoCATion Cats and Snacks" you will see an update as to any additions to our kitty crew, as well as, pictures of our new furrever families when one of our kitties gets adopted.  



some great purrrsonalities to come see!! what r u waiting 4?

  Location T   These T-shirts and other purrfect swag will be sold in our automat and on this website.  .

Location T

These T-shirts and other purrfect swag will be sold in our automat and on this website.  .

  Kitty Kitschy Gifts   Stay tuned....

Kitty Kitschy Gifts

Stay tuned....

  Location Mug   This mug is one of the items to be sold in the near future.  

Location Mug

This mug is one of the items to be sold in the near future.  

  Pawsome Souvenirs   Coming Soon!

Pawsome Souvenirs

Coming Soon!

  Funny Feline Finds   TBA.

Funny Feline Finds


  LoCATion Gift Cards   Coming soon!

LoCATion Gift Cards

Coming soon!


Frequently asked questions

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Do we bring our own cats to the cat automat? 

No we have enough cats for everyone.  The Halifax Humane Society has allowed us to foster 15+ ever loving, playful and sassy cats that have nothing better to do than spend time with you!.

Do we have to adopt a cat to come in and play with the cats?

Not at all...these cats need as much love and attention as they can get.  Not only that but our cats can make anyone's day brighter so it's a win/win situation for everyone.  

If we do want to adopt one of the cats are we able to?

Of course! LoCATion acts as a satellite adoption center for Halifax Humane Society and we are able to process the adoption so you can walk out with your new furever friend! (All proceeds from the adoptions go right back to Halifax Humane Society)

How does location help cats?

All of our cats are from Halifax Humane Society and are able to be free roaming and have the whole automat to run, play, rest and be amused by those crazy humans.  The cats also have places to get away from the humans if they are to overstimulated.  Giving our cats more interactions with us humans will let their personalities show through and increase their likelihood of being adopted.

Why is there an entry fee?

An entry fee is necessary to cover costs of feeding, housing and keeping the cats happy in the lifestyle they deserve.  As well, providing for our staff and to pay for costs of running a business.  When compared with other cat cafes across the country we feel we have tried to remain fair when we apply this fee.  Location also has a rewards set in place, if you visit us 8 times the 9th hour is free.


Why Cats?

Research has shown that interacting with animals and the soothing sound of cats purring have some great health benefits.  It has been shown to relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress and more. 



We thought Port Orange could use a place for those who can't adopt a furever friend.  Sometimes housing restrictions, allergies (Dad's "allergies"), busy schedules and/or other pets that don't get along with cats can keep kitty lovers from adopting their own cat. Don't fret you can come play with ours lovable, playful, and sassy cats.



LoCATion has partnered with Petcube to be an ambassador! This means if you purchase a Petcube for your home with our link (on this page) not only will you get a discount but Petcube will donate $30 to the Halifax Humane Society.  This sounds like a win/win situation doesn't it? http://mbsy.co/petcube/LoCATionCATautomat



what is petcube?

Petcube is an HD pet camera to see, talk, play and treat your favorite furry friend when you can't be there. Just place the cube in you home and set your preferences, download their free app and your cube will let you and/or others monitor and play with your pet while you are not able to be with it.  Worry no more  your pet is getting attention even when you can give it.

PLAY WITH THE KITTIES AT LoCATion just download the free Petcube app and search for LoCATion.